Character Matters

Character Matters
Sanctification in the very best is an imperfect work. The history of the brightest saints who ever lived will contain many a "but," and "howbeit," and "notwithstanding," before you reach the end. The gold will never be without some dross - the light will never shine without some clouds, until we reach heavenly Jerusalem. The sun himself has spots upon his face. The holiest men have many a blemish and defect when weighed in the balance of the sanctuary. Their life is a continual warfare with sin, the world, and the devil, and sometimes you will see them not overcoming, but overcome.

J.C. Ryle, Holiness: Its Nature, Hindrance, Difficulties, and Roots (Abridged) (pg 87-88)

We all have room to grow, and, praise be to God, Spirit to grow us.

Aaron Menikoff, Character Matters 176

(Character Matters is available in Nairobi via Ekklesia Afrika)