about me

When not running, in the gym, reading, playing guitar or learning new tech, I build digital  platforms and think about technology, products, digital strategy, cloud, infrastructure modernisation and digital transformation in various industries.

I am a mission driven leader who nurtures teams that build products collaboratively by getting people to work together by cultivating trust and healthy team relationships as a servant leader.

I thrive connecting people, sharing new ideas, opportunities, building relationships, teams, products that add value. I helped start a few of the early open source tech communities in Nairobi. I'm especially passionate about helping people, small businesses and start-ups thrive in Kenya and beyond. Healthy and growing businesses means a lot more opportunities for our young continent.

I have had roles spanning in technical and business facing roles over the last 15 years that has allowed me to leverage my ability to lead people as a good listener, my background as a technologist, and my ability to rapidly grasp new ideas and apply them strategically.

As a technologist, I've been dabbling in tech since my early teens and I'm always learning new things and exploring emerging technology and trends  with a view of applying old and new technology in new products that solve problems and create opportunities as many organizations seek to modernize infrastructure, improve their services, and create new products as part of their digital transformation journey.

I've always been interested in products at the intersection of Tech and Financial Services including Insurance & Capital Markets. I'm also especially interested in  artificial, blockchain and distributed ledgers, IoT, cloud infra, and info-sec.